Axor Starck V – Vitality of Water

Axor Starck V allows us to experience the vitality of water. With a powerful vortex and a pleasant waterfall, the mixer enables us to almost become one with this precious elixir of life, which makes up 90% of our human bodies.


Follow your Head
and your Heart

How much thought can go into a bathroom collection? And how much heart? How can we make life in the bathroom a bit better and improve our quality of life? And how can we show our respect for nature and the world of tomorrow? Axor Starck Organic balances design and technology, ecology and economy, the heart and head.

Fascinated by the elegance and the efficiency of nature, Philippe Starck applies the vision of achieving more with less to the Axor Starck Organic collection.

Powerful shapes and a sculptural
look and feel characterise the design.

The mixer's shape is organic and minimalist. The handles and the mixer body merge into one.

In all handle positions, the design is harmonious.

Axor Starck Organic includes more than 40 products for all areas of the bathroom. The powerful design language harmoniously pervades the entire collection.

Discover more about the new mixer shower spray
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3.5 l/min

5 l/min

How pleasant can
water feel?

The broadest ever mixer shower spray gives us a highly sensual experience of water. As when showering, the pearly water droplets fall gently onto the skin, wetting your entire hands. Yet at the same time, the new spray uses less water than conventional mixers.

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Normal Booster

The innovative control concept allows us to
experience our approach to water more consciously.

The ground-breaking two handle mixer is the next step in the evolution of mixer control. The temperature and the water volume can be controlled separately – a departure from traditional single lever mixers where temperature and water volume are always controlled simultaneously.

Water volume control

The water volume can be adjusted between two fixed levels.

  • The normal position (3.5 l/min) gives you a wonderful experience of water while also saving water.
  • The booster function has a higher flow rate (5 l/min).
  • The volume can be adjusted gradually between these two levels for complete water volume control.

As the handle is placed directly at the water outlet, the mixer is convenient to use and stays clean.

Temperature control

  • The temperature can be easily adjusted to your personal feel-good temperature or the energy-saving cold position.
  • As the temperature is preset, the handle seldom needs to be used and therefore requires less cleaning.
  • The design is harmonious in every handle position.
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5 l/min
3.5 l/min

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How can we show our respect for nature and the human world of tomorrow?

By consuming fewer resources.

Pre-adjustment to the personally preferred temperature or energy-saving cold setting so water is not heated.
Decoupled flow of water prevents the water from coming into direct contact with the mixer body. This keeps drinking water free from lead and nickel interference at all times.
Flow limitation to an efficient 3.5 l/min. Improved water sensation with better functionality than conventional mixers.
Minimised usage of material on the mixer walls (hollow body). Approx. ⅓ less brass than in conventional products.

Axor Starck Organic is not just a revolutionary
generation of mixers. Would you like more information
about the new collection from Axor and Philippe Starck?


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